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Why Sugar?DWT - SugarCRM

Sugar is the CRM solution that gives you the independence of an open platform, freeing you from the limits of other, more restrictive CRM solutions. Sugar supports your business processes, your business applications, and whatever solutions you choose to integrate with your CRM.

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SugarCRM Demos

CRM Overview - Introducing Sugar 6

Simply put, Sugar 6 Makes CRM Simple. How? By offering an application that is super easy to use, easy to change to meet your business needs with a level of openness unmatched by other CRM providers. With Sugar 6, companies can manage all their business relationships,increasing marketing effectiveness, growing sales revenues and supporting existing customers.

Salesforce Automation

SugarCRM organizes sales leads, contacts opportunities and accounts into a single place. This helps make sales reps more productive, gives sales managers visibility into performance and allows executives to make the right decisions to drive revenue.

Customer Support

Retaining a customer is much less expensive than acquiring a new one. SugarCRM helps companies support customers after the sale, drivinghigher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Marketing Automation

SugarCRM helps companies create and manage marketing campaigns and see the impact they have on sales overtime. Create, execute, and measure marketing campaigns in a single system.

Sugar Administration

Sugar’s Administration capabilities gives your business the flexibility to meet ever changing market demands by offering a simple, intuitive way to ensure that your CRM system supports your business goals.