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What is E-Learning?

E-LearningThere are several definitions of e-learning floating around on the web all of which are correct in their own right. In our context e-learning is the use of web based technology that enables people in both business organisations and academic institutions to train and teach online while allowing its users to study from any location and at anytime.

If e-learning is a new approach to learning, then a Learning Management System or LMS as it is popularly known is a web based technology that empowers organisations to house and manage their courses online. At DWT, we design e-learning courses and develop Learning Management Systems and online learning portals to suit the training needs and requirements of any organisation.


What are the benefits of E-Learning?

01.Reduced travel cost—Learners can take courses irrespective of their demographic location. A simple web browser and access to the Internet can facilitate e-learning!

02.Cost Effective Learning—No classroom infrastructure, no trainer costs, no training equipment and stationery. A happier finance manager!

03.Reduced Training Costs and Scalability—The time and effort that is required to prepare a course for 10 individuals is the same as having to prepare a course for 10,000 individuals significantly reducing training preparation costs and also giving the option of scalability and extending the course to new users when the need arises.

04.Built on top of a ubiquitous platform which is the Internet.—The e-learning approach to learning is based on a communication infrastructure that is ubiquitous and free. Its time to harness the power that is offered by the Internet!

05.Learner is in control—The learner can take a course in the privacy of his home. The learner can take the course at his own pace and take a break as when he feels like. The learner is in complete control. The learner is empowered!