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Dynamic Web Technologies - LMS Features Overview
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Features Overview

E-LearningThe features of a Learning Management System can vary depending on the context in which it is used. For example, an assessment based course used in an academic setting might not always be applicable for a sales or product course in an enterprise setting. Broadly speaking some of the many features from our LMS offering are as follows:

  • All our solutions are open source including our LMS offering. What this means for you? No license costs. Whether you need to train 10 users or 100, the price is the same.
  • Support for all types of resources and e-learning content type (Word Documents, PDF Files, MP3 Files, Images, Flash Files and more).
  • Trainer can prepare and create multiple-choice, short-answer, jumbled-sentence, crossword, matching/ordering and gap-fill quizzes.
  • Trainers can prepare courses and categorise content into lessons allowing for interesting and flexible learning.
  • Discussion forums.
  • Chat sessions.
  • Facility for creating assignments that allow trainers to grade electronically submitted material or 'offline' submissions.
  • The workshop feature allows peer assessment of documents,while also allowing the trainer to manage and grade the assessment.