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Dynamic Web Technologies - ERP Features Overview
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Features Overview

Quote to Cash

Quote to Cash covers the business processes used for creating quotations for prospects or customers, sales order management, invoicing and cash receipting. The functionality is tightly integrated with Supply Chain Management and Customer Relationship Management components of ADempiere. This functionality is typically found in modules entitled sales order entry and accounts receivable.


Requisition to Pay

Requisition to Pay covers the business process used for creating purchase orders, processing invoices received from vendors and generating payments. The functionality is tightly integrated with Supply Chain Management. This functionality is typically found in modules entitled purchasing and accounts payable.


Open Item Management

Open Item Management automates the processes associated with the entry and allocation of cash received from customers and payments made to creditors. Open Item Management also provides for the reconciliation of bank statements and cash books. At the time of reconciliation ADempiere provides functions to allow for the reconciliation of in-transit payments and bank charges or the creation of payments for direct debit transfers.


Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management covers all material management activities including inventory receipts, shipments, movements and stocktake count management and processing.



ADempiere covers the costing and accounting dimension of the application. This functionality is typically found in Reporting and General Ledger modules as well as in those modules that generate accounting entries.


Web Store and Business Partner Self Service

The ADempiere Web Store allows an organisation to maintain and operate a web presence. The information made available on web and in the web store is shared with the standard application. No synchronisation or additional integration is required. The web store components can be customised to the look-and-feel required to match an existing web site and in addition to webstore capability also provide self service functionality to enable Business Partners to view their transactions online with an appropriate level of security.