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What is a HRM System?

Human Resource ManagementA Human Resource Management System (HRMS) refers to the systems and processes at the intersection between human resource management (HRM) and information technology. It merges HRM as a discipline and in particular its basic HR activities and processes with the information technology field.

HRM Systems allow organisations to automate many aspects of human resource management, with the dual benefits of reducing the workload of the HR department as well as increasing the efficiency of the department by standardising HR processes.


How can an HRM solution help you?

01.Increase Efficiency—Reduce paper-based administrative burden many businesses face, which can consume as much as 80 percent of the human-resources departments time.

02.Organisational Development—Helps you simulate, analyze and experiment with proposed organisational changes and previous organisational models. It helps you attract, retain, and motivate the best people.

03.Recruitment—Helps you find the best people and then manage and track candidates throughout the entire recruiting process via a streamlined automated Workflow process.

04.Employee Self Service—Align the individual goals of your employees with your corporate strategy. Demonstrate that your Human Resource strategies and solutions benefit the company's bottom line.

05.Keep your talent from leaving—that's a primary goal in today's world of specialized skills and tight labor markets. With role-based portals, HRMS makes sure that everyone gets the right information to collaborate and make shared decisions. The net result is that HRMS helps you create a good work environment, a place where people want to stay.